We are very happy that we won 3rd place at the Lenzburg Juggler Festival 2017 with our Duo Vertikaltuch Show * New Tango Solution * and with our Fire Show * Fire in the Sky *
Many thanks to everyone :-).
Roswitha started ballet as a little girl, after which she gained her first experience in acrobatics on the ground and in the air on the trapeze as a child in the Robinson children's circus (CH). Even back then, the artist was allowed to show a solo trapeze / duo trapeze number and delighted the audience. After that Roswitha was in Swiss apparatus gymnastics with which she took part in numerous competitions and shows and later she completed a 3 year dance and choreography study for modern stage dance at the ZTTS in Zurich CH. During and after her dance studies, she continued her education in numerous workshops with international and national teachers in dance, choreography and artistry. She was also a stage at the Ecole de Cirque Zôfy in Sion and at the renowned circus school "The Toronto School of Circus Arts".



The artist travels internationally, be it for festivals, variety shows, hotels, galas and much more. She allows perfect artistry and dance to merge, which makes the whole thing special. She loves to work with her body and to create impressive images, so she couldn't imagine any other profession.
She speaks the following languages:
German, English and Spanish: oral and written / French and Italian: good knowledge.



Roswitha works as a solo artist, in a duo or in larger formations and is also happy to cater to the individual needs and wishes of customers.







The two artists know each other from their vertical tissue training in Zurich (CH). Both started with acrobatics and dance as small children. Roswitha in the children's circus Robinson and later in Swiss apparatus gymnastics and Luzia in rhythmic gymnastics and later she did an apprenticeship at the Comarte. In addition to many performances at home and abroad, both have continued their education, Roswitha among others at the renowned circus school “The Toronto School of Circus Arts” and Luzia at the Ecole de cirque Zôfy Sion and in Australia.





Marcel plays in a duo with Roswitha or in a trio fire show.

He has been training Kung Fu and Kobudo (Japanese martial arts with weapons) for many years. Martial arts inspire him in his movements and processes in the fire show. In addition, he mainly builds his own fire tools.


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